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May 29, 2024
Slow Fashion

22 Colorful Sustainable Clothing Brands to Spice Up Your Closet

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e’ve often shared advice on this site about how sticking to a neutral color palette can help build a more wearable, sustainable wardrobe, but it’s not for everyone. Some of us just need a little extra sunshine in our outfits, and that’s fine. There are plenty of ways to inject color into your closet while still keeping things sustainable. 

Don’t believe us? Keep reading. We’ve got all the best tips on how to pick your shades wisely so that you don’t end up with wasted clothes. We also have a full guide on where to shop the rainbow with 22 clothing brands broken down by their sustainability stats and our favorite colorful pieces from each.

Get ready to spice up your life and your closet.

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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe Sustainably

About 17 million tons of clothing waste is created each year in the US alone, and only 13% of that is likely to be recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and rivers and generally adds to pollution issues on our planet. So, how can we shop more sustainably? And does it mean giving up colorful clothing brands? The short answer is this: it doesn’t have to.

Color isn’t the enemy of a sustainable wardrobe; impulsive shopping is. Here are our three top tips on adding funky clothing brands to your wardrobe without accidentally ending up with wasted items that are too difficult to style:

  • Learn Your Best Colors: This is one of those things that just takes trying items on and noting which colors make you look and feel good and which ones leave you feeling weird all day. Color analysis can be a useful tool, but even just reviewing your least and most worn items can reveal which colors you get the most wear out of. Look at photographs, too. Sometimes, that can be the simplest way to see which shades bring out the best in you.
  • Create a Color Scheme: Once you know your best colors, you can then create a personalized color scheme so that no matter what shades you add, everything goes together and nothing gets wasted. For more tips on this, click here.
  • Get The Right Ratio of Colors to Neutrals: Most people thrive best when at least 1/3 of their wardrobe is made up of neutrals, as this helps balance colorful items out. A neutral t-shirt, for example, can help break up a colorful jacket and pair of pants so that you ultimately get more wear out of them.

22 Colorful and Sustainable Clothing Brands

Supporting more sustainable brands is one of the best ways to ensure that the colors you brighten your wardrobe with are still being kind to the planet. That means prioritizing businesses that use things like non-toxic, OEKO-TEX-certified dyes and organic fabrics or more ethical manufacturing methods.

For all that and more, here are 22 of our favorite brands making colorful fashion with a conscience: 

1. Dedicated

Woman wearing colorful sustainable shorts by Dedicated.

This Swedish brand is proof that fun, sustainable clothing exists. Think bright stripes and cool patterns, but still super environmentally friendly fabrics and styles that you can wear season after season. They’ve got everything from swimwear to underwear and everything in between.

  • Standout Item: Colorful stripe sets that take all the stress out of styling an outfit for warmer weather.
  • Product Range: Men’s, kid’s, and women’s clothing, swimwear, and underwear.
  • Pricing: $25 - $399
  • Sizing: XS-XXL
  • Ships To: Globally from Sweden.
  • Sustainability Stats: Sustainable fabrics, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton and recycled polyester. Audited production and factories (WRAP-certified and SA800 standard). Partnered with One Tree Planted to offset carbon emissions. Meets the Global Recycled Standard

2. Chnge

Man modeling colorful sustainable t-shirt by Chnge.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, this colorful clothing brand is all about being the change you want to see in the world. Their t-shirts and sweats are emblazoned with everything from bright slogans supporting reproductive rights to taking a stand against climate change. 

  • Standout Item: “There is No Planet B” illustrated t-shirt. We love the messaging and funky design.
  • Product Range: Gender-neutral sweats and t-shirts.
  • Pricing: $30 - $120
  • Sizing: XXS-4XL
  • Ships To: US
  • Sustainability Stats: Certified climate neutral. Sustainable fabrics, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton and dyes. OEKO-TEX-certified non-toxic dyes. Recycled and recyclable packaging.

3. Colorful Standard

Woman and man wearing clothing by fun sustainable clothing brand Colorful Standard.

If you’re looking for a clothing brand with bright colors, then Colorful Standard is the one for you. Everything is made sustainably in Portugal and is available in bright blues, greens, and pinks that are all created from non-toxic dyes. The brand’s styles tend to be quite classic, which makes the colors feel even more wearable.

  • Standout Item: The colorful, cool workwear jackets that could spice up any neutral outfit.
  • Product Range: Women’s and menswear.
  • Pricing: $30 - $150
  • Sizing: XS-XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: OEKO-TEX-certified non-toxic dyes. Recycled and recyclable packaging. Recycles unused fabric, etc., to cut down on production waste. Sustainable fabrics, e.g., organic cotton and wool.

4. Noah NY

sustainable and colorful swim trunks by Noah NY.

Noah NY is a surf and skate brand from the mind of Brendon Babenzien, the long-time creative director of Supreme. This latest project from him has rave reviews from High Snobiety and features interesting colors and prints, with most items being made either in the US or in Portugal and Italy. 

  • Standout Item: Floral, fun swim trunks perfect for summer holidays.
  • Product Range: Menswear.
  • Pricing: $40 - $1880
  • Sizing: XS-XXL
  • Ships To: US
  • Sustainability Stats: Pledged to 1% for the planet. Transparent fabric sourcing.

5. Veja

colorful sustainable running shoes by Veja.

One of the best ways to spice up your wardrobe is with funky footwear. We love that Veja’s styles are quite simple and wearable but still have great pops of color to brighten your step.

  • Standout Item: These sneakers remind us of a sunset.
  • Product Range: Men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes
  • Pricing: $180 - $250
  • Sizing: EUR 35-49
  • Ships To: Worldwide
  • Sustainability Stats: Certified B-Corp. Making strides to cut CO2 emissions.

6. Amour Vert

Woman modeling sustainably made colorful sundress by Amour Vert.

If you love brands like Anthropologie or Madewell but want something a little more sustainable and interesting, Amour Vert has a lot to offer. Their dresses and jackets are some of our favorites, thanks to their classic shapes and bright, quirky colors.

  • Standout Item: The Zulma Cotton Linen Dress with its bright, tropical print and comfortable style.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $38 - $440
  • Sizing: XS-XXL
  • Ships To: US
  • Sustainability Stats: Sustainable fabrics, e.g., recycled cashmere, recycled deadstock fabric, organic cotton, etc. Partnered with American Forests to plant a tree for every t-shirt sold. Transparent, ethical production and sourcing.

7. Cariuma

Colorful sustainable tennis shoes by Cariuma.

Say goodbye to boring white sneakers and hello to funky prints thanks to this sustainable sneaker brand. They’ve got polka dots, leopard print, and all kinds of other fun designs to liven up your outfits.

  • Standout Item: This new collection features prints from legendary Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.
  • Product Range: Men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes
  • Pricing: $85-$130
  • Sizing: EUR 35-49
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Sustainably sourced and OKO-TEX-certified materials. Plants two trees for every pair of shoes bought. Certified B Corp. Butterfly Mark Certified.

8. Lucy and Yak

Woman wearing  colorful short and shirt set by sustainable clothing brand Lucy and Yak.

Like all funky clothing brands, Lucy and Yak has a pretty interesting origin story. It all began with just 30 pairs of dungarees and a business run out of Lucy’s parents’ basement. It’s now a highly inclusive, colorful fashion brand with fans around the world thanks to its sustainable approach and joyful designs.  

  • Standout Item: The With Love organic twill dungarees feature a print created by seven LGBTQIA+ artists. All proceeds go to LGBTQIA+ charities.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $20-$100
  • Sizing: XS-4XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: All fabric is either organic, recycled, or deadstock, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton, recycled polyester, etc.

9. Zuri

Woman wearing  sustainable and colorful patterned dress by Zuri.

Made famous in publications like the New York Times Style Magazine, this brand is known for putting its African roots front and center. It’s one of the most unique clothing brands we’ve seen in recent years, thanks to its use of bright, contrasting Kitenge and Ankara textiles in everything from dresses to shorts.

  • Standout Item: Comfortable yet quirky dresses like this are what put Zuri on the map.
  • Product Range: Women’s, kid’s, and men’s clothing.
  • Pricing: $110-$130
  • Sizing: XXS-3XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide
  • Sustainability Stats: Ethical manufacturing and fabric sourcing. Upcycling initiative.

10. Zero Waste Daniel

Upcycled and colorful sweater by Zero Waste Daniel.

The buzz around this colorful fashion brand largely began with this video and many others showing how founder and designer Daniel manages to turn fashion waste into gold. His sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc., are priced steeply, but that’s because they’re largely handmade and involve highly creative uses of fabric that would have otherwise gone to landfills.

  • Standout Item: The “Pop Art Florals” sweatshirt is essentially wearable art. There’s nothing else like it.
  • Product Range: Genderless clothing.
  • Pricing: $165-$400
  • Sizing: XS-3XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Zero fabric waste through the use of recycled and upcycled materials. Recycled and recyclable packaging. Handmade, slow fashion.

11. Mayamiko

Colorful dress made from ethically sourced cotton by Mayamiko.

What began as a Malawi-based endeavor now stretches around the world with a variety of ethically made dresses, shirts, etc., in bright colors and unique patterns. This is a brand with female empowerment at its heart, and it shows. You can’t help but feel good about their designs.

  • Standout Item: The Tahj Unisex Shirt in Savannah Rainbow is comfortable and joyously colorful.
  • Product Range: Womenswear, menswear, and unisex.
  • Pricing: $36-$210
  • Sizing: XS-XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Ethical, slow production. Sustainable fabrics, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton, deadstock, and botanical dyed fabrics.

12. Print Fresh

Woman wearing colorful patterned night gown made with Organic Cotton by Print Fresh.

The sleepwear from this brand is so good you’ll probably be tempted to wear it out during the day as well. Printed sets and chic dressing gowns have made them a cool-girl favorite. We love how bright and intricate the patterns tend to be and the fact that most of their designs come in inclusive sizing.

  • Standout Item: The Bagheera Pink Nightgown might be for sleeping, but we can’t help but imagine how cute it would be on holiday with a pair of sandals …
  • Product Range: Women’s sleepwear.
  • Pricing: $84-$180
  • Sizing: XS-6XL
  • Ships To: US
  • Sustainability Stats: Sedex Audited Factory. Recycled and recyclable packing materials. Various measures to reduce carbon footprint and waste. Sustainable fabrics, e.g., organic cotton

13. Thief and Bandit

Woman wearing sustainable colorful skirt by Theif and Bandit.

This one is for all the fans of shops like Lucy and Yak and other artsy brands. Thief and Bandit are Canadian-based and not only makes cool, quirky clothing in inclusive sizing, but they even offer a made-to-measure option. Since so much fashion waste occurs simply because of inaccurate sizing, we love seeing when businesses do things like this.

  • Standout Item: The Pastoral High Waisted Wide Leg Pants are one of the brand’s bestsellers, and with that great print and nipped waist, it’s easy to see why.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $40-$300
  • Sizing: XXS-4X
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Made to order, slow production.

14. Oh Seven Days

Bright colored linen dress by sustainable clothing brand Oh Seven Days.

Many of the colorful fashion brands on this list stick to big, bold, brights, but not this brand. This one is for all you pastel lovers who can’t resist a sugary pink blazer or lilac silk dress. Their feminine designs are classic, wearable, and truly delightful to behold. The fact that it’s all sustainably produced is the cherry on top.

  • Standout Item: This Holly dress is just begging to be worn to a summer wedding.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $115-$400
  • Sizing: XS-XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Sustainable fabrics and sourcing, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton, OEKO-TEX-certified mills, etc. Slow, ethical, and sustainable production. Sedex-audited factory.

15. Flare Street

colorfully patterned flare pants made with recycled materials by Flare Street.

They say if you want something done right, then sometimes you just have to make it yourself. That’s exactly what the team at Flare Street did when they focused on producing the swishiest, most colorful, and flattering vintage-inspired flares and bell bottoms. The Australian-based brand also makes tops and catsuits, but it’s the pants that really provide the full Fleetwood Mac fantasy.

  • Standout Item: The Ottoline wide-leg flares feel like something straight out of the 70s.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $44-$100
  • Sizing: XS-3XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide
  • Sustainability Stats: Accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Handcrafted, slow fashion approach. Transparent sourcing and production

16. Mara Hoffman

Bright colored top made with 100% hemp by sustainable clothing brand Mara Hoffman.

Sadly, this popular sustainable fashion brand is taking a pause from new collections but for the time being, still has a number of classic, colorful pieces on offer. Take advantage while you can!

  • Standout Item: The Alice dress, with its simple shape and unusual color combination,, is exactly the type of garment that has made Mara Hoffman so beloved in the world of sustainable fashion.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $300-$1200
  • Sizing: 00-12
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Circular clothing program. Sustainable fabrics, e.g., organic cotton, deadstock, recycled materials, and certified Climate Beneficial ™ wool. Minimal, recyclable packaging.

17. Infantium Victoria

Kids sustainable colorful t-shirt made with Certified Organic Cotton by Infantium Victoria.

Designer children’s clothing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to invest in more thoughtful, sustainable pieces that still retain all the fun and color of being a kid, this brand is a great option. We do wish, however, that they made some of their dresses in adult sizes too …

  • Standout Item: The Earth Day t-shirt because it’s never too early to get kids excited about taking care of the planet.
  • Product Range: Kid and babywear.
  • Pricing: $50-$350
  • Sizing: 6 months – 16 years.
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Only uses organic materials. Peta-approved vegan. Preloved store.

18. ID Eight

Colorful patterned sustainable sneakers by ID Eight.

This colorful, Italian sneaker brand is pushing the envelope on sustainability at every angle and making it look so good. Their shoes are fundamental proof that going the more eco-friendly route with your clothing choices doesn’t mean you have to miss out on funky, unique pieces.

  • Standout Item: The Samji Crazy Mix sneaker could turn even the dullest day around thanks to its mix of colors, prints, and textures. 
  • Product Range: Women’s and men’s sneakers.
  • Pricing: $205-$250
  • Sizing: 36-46
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: 70% of all components are made from recycled materials. 100% cruelty-free shoes featuring sustainable, plant-based leathers such as Pinatex. Transparent, ethical sourcing and manufacturing. Renewable energy and recycling initiatives throughout the supply chain. Recycled and recyclable packaging. Runs a recycling program for used sneakers from customers (only in Italy).

19. Hyer Goods

Colorful sustainably made scarf made with angora wool by Hyer Goods.

The cool part about Hyer Goods is also the most frustrating: many of their items are made in limited runs from upcycled materials. It makes it very easy to miss out on amazing new pieces, but we love their slow fashion approach that’s giving deadstock fabric new life. They make stylish basics with a twist and often feature unique colors.

  • Standout Item: These brightly colored Angora scarves are made from salvaged yarns that would otherwise have likely been thrown out.
  • Product Range: Women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Pricing: $96-$400
  • Sizing: XS – L
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Small-batch production. Carbon-neutral shipping. Deadstock leathers.

20. ILK + Ernie

Woman modeling bright pink jumpsuit by sustainable clothing brand Ilk and Ernie.

Ilk + Ernie only produces two collections per year, so if you miss out, you miss out, but it’s a chance worth taking. This colorful clothing store is a quirky girl’s dream come true with things like patterned sets that even have matching scrunchies to go with them. The clothes are designed in the UK and made ethically in India.

  • Standout Item: The Bowie Jumpsuit is a pink delight.
  • Product Range: Womenswear
  • Pricing: $46-$100
  • Sizing: XXS-XL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Uses surplus and deadstock fabrics for a zero-waste approach. Slow fashion approach. Ethical production. Recycled and recyclable packaging. Initiative to lower their carbon footprint.

 21. Osei Duro

Woman wearing colorful tie top by Osei Duro made with sustainable materials.

Osei Duro is female-founded and based out of Ghana, though they ship from Canada and the US. The reason this is worth mentioning is because the clothing itself seems to bring together inspiration from all over. The cuts, fabrics, and use of color meld together African influences whilst still being highly wearable.

  • Standout Item: This V-neck blouse with contrasting colors has dramatic puff sleeves that would make anyone swoon.
  • Product Range: Womenswear.
  • Pricing: $160-$250
  • Sizing: XS-XXL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Ethical, small-scale production. Features botanical dying. Runs a program that uses their own textile waste as part of a women’s training program.

22. OffOn

Woman wearing bright red backless dress made with sustainable linen by OffOn brand.

Flowy, gingham dresses, tie details on shoulder straps, and all kinds of color combinations – that’s what OffOn is best known for. They’re one of the most colorful women’s clothing brands around and never skimp on the sustainability side of things. Their fabrics are thoughtfully sourced and the designs themselves are made to be loved and worn for years.

  • Standout Item: This handmade gingham dress in mustard isn’t just beautiful; it even has pockets!
  • Product Range: Womenswear
  • Pricing: $70-$170
  • Sizing: XXS-XXL
  • Ships To: Worldwide.
  • Sustainability Stats: Sustainable fabrics, e.g., GOTS-certified cotton, recycled fabrics, OEKO-TEX-certified materials, etc., slow and small-batch production.

Follow The Rainbow

Building a more sustainable wardrobe will always require some neutrals, but it doesn’t mean you have to completely give up on the joy of shopping at more eccentric clothing brands. Instead, it’s just about choosing wisely.

Try to support more ethical businesses where you can (like the ones we’ve mentioned) and go for items in colors you know you’ll wear over and over. Fabrics also matter, which is why we’ve featured so many businesses that use deadstock, organic materials, and more sustainable dyeing methods. All of it helps ensure that the clothes you use to brighten your wardrobe don’t detract from the brightness of our planet’s future.

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May 29, 2024